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Posted June 25, 2020

About us

Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

When the value of public perception is at an all time high – do you REALLY know what your employees are saying?

Does your organization have a social committee? Outreach committee? Diversity committee?

High five! 

Employees taking ownership, collaborating, and taking action means you’re doing something right.

But maybe you’ve wondered just what these committees are doing.

HOW they’re doing it?

Or WHAT they are saying?

Their activities extend beyond the workplace.

What are they saying about your company, or the work that they do?

You’re missing out on an opportunity to AMPLIFY the work that they are doing by arming them with better communication skills.


Instead of

“I work for ABC Company. We manufacture foam for cars.”


“I work at XYZ Tech Firm. I write computer programs”.

They could authentically say

“I work for ABC Company. My job is to keep you comfy and safe when you’re in your car! I make the foam that’s in your car seats!”


“I work at XYZ Tech. I make it easy for people to find what they are looking for online.”

See the difference?

Better yet…feel the difference?

The first responses feel very automatic. There’s no sense of pride, or connection to the bigger picture impact of what they do.

Whereas, the second responses feel very authentic. They’re relatable. They tell a story.

If you’re NOT investing strategically in communication skills, you’re AT RISK.

The importance of public perception is at an All. Time. High.

So, what does Engineers of Tomorrow have to do with all this??

LOL…Great question!

Well, we’re really in the business of TRAINING!

We teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) professionals HOW to communicate.

We use research. Evidence. Proven methods.

The science of HOW to talk to kids about STEM translates directly into a boardroom.

We can help.

If see the value of investing in communication skills for your STEM employees, let’s talk!

You can start here – or just reach out!

[email protected]


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