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Who is Engineers of Tomorrow?

Engineers of Tomorrow is a national charitable organization powered by hundreds of volunteers working to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and game changers. And, through the generous financial support of our program sponsors, we create an impact for thousands!
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Our Approach

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We believe in order to see real impact, we need to start at the roots! For us that means our volunteers. Real engineers working in your community to help solve local problems. We empower them to be ambassadors, role models, and change makers!

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Culture change doesn’t happen overnight. We’re in this for the long haul….and so are our volunteers. Our programs are strategically designed to create strong connections between community and education.

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Turn research into action

We train our volunteers to deliver world-class STEM outreach to a diverse audience in an inclusive way. We work with social scientists who study the BEST ways to do this!

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Why we do it

We believe in the power of great engineering outreach to shape the future. By telling better stories today, we create positive experiences that keep kids curious.
Our STEM outreach methods are strategic. Activating volunteers is what we do BEST!. This keeps us agile & our approaches innovative. 

How it Works

STEM Outreach

Engineers work with teachers and students to create positive STEM experiences through our Engineer in Residence program. Find out more, and join the growing EIR community!

Strategic Partnerships

Align your own organizational activities with EoT’s vision & expertise in delivering world-class engineering outreach! Contact us to find out more.

Join an EoT event

Our events can vary month-to-month. Visit our calendar to find one that you’re interested in and join us!

Bridging the gap between the real world and classroom theory – and making it FUN!

Ways to support 

Give a gift

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Help support Canadian kids’ educational experience by donating to Engineers of Tomorrow.

Make a difference

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Create hundreds of positive engineering experiences over the whole school year for a local class.

Join us

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Be a part of something big! Our sponsors are thought leaders that want to make a difference.

We need your help!

Are you passionate about engineering? Want to share your story and become an engineering ambassador? Want to smash stereotypes and get kids curious about engineering?

Adopt a Class


Corporate Training


Become a Sponsor



"They were excited to see that chemistry, physics and math aggregate into something palpable - not a minor thing when some of the most asked questions we hear are 'what is this used for?' and ''will we ever need this?'"

Mariana G. (educator)

"I'm planting a seed with the kids that will last until their later years of high school. I get to show them how fun and exciting science and engineering can be and engage them in learning more about it" - Ro

 Robert F. (volunteer)

“We do lots of hands-on things in our classroom but having an actual professional engineer to work with on projects was magic for the students.”

Sean F. (educator)

“It is fulfilling to know you contribute to the learning experiences of young minds and open the door to the possibility of them following the path of engineering.”

Thomas M. (volunteer)


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Dreams need doing.

Here's how you can help


Kids aren't getting exposed to STEM role models early enough in their education and, access to holistic, immersive and relatable STEM practitioners and experiences in the school setting is very limited.


Your support will help us provide...


...Engineer mentors to K-12 students across Canada

...Inspiring engineering-themed play and learning for students

...Relateable role models for underrespresented groups

...Educational resources for hands-on creative learning experiences


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