The business case for STEM outreach – and why you might NOT be getting the best ROI.

STEM outreach is a tool that you might be using already to help with employee engagement, community relations, or building your talent pipeline.

Getting your employees out into the local community is a great idea!

But how can you amp up the ROI?

Engineers of Tomorrow can train your employees on how to do WORLD-CLASS outreach.

Taking them from “employees” to AMBASSADORS.

Read on more more information on our Community Action Partnership corporate training program.


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Kids aren't getting exposed to STEM role models early enough in their education and, access to holistic, immersive and relatable STEM practitioners and experiences in the school setting is very limited.


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...Engineer mentors to K-12 students across Canada

...Inspiring engineering-themed play and learning for students

...Relateable role models for underrespresented groups

...Educational resources for hands-on creative learning experiences


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