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Engineers of Tomorrow is a nationally incorporated not-for-profit. Established in 2014, our mission is to tell better stories about engineering today, to have an impact on the engineers of tomorrow.

From the clean water we drink to the technology in our hands, engineering underpins every aspect of modern life and has a major role to play in solving the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our vision is that one day every Canadian – regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, religion, ability or thinking style – understands the power of engineering to unlock and shape positive societal change. We look forward to a day when everyone understands there’s a place for them in engineering.

Using the latest research as a tool to inform our practices, we create positive engineering experiences to shape young minds and showcase what the engineering profession is all about. By taking a grassroots approach, we enable systemic change by supporting engineering professionals to create impact.

Rebecca and Erica

Our Team


Erica Lee Garcia


After obtaining her P. Eng. Erica began her own consulting firm, and has worked to become a national voice of positive change in engineering. She enjoys traveling and mentoring young people.

Rebecca White

Rebecca White


After more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Becky has become an advocate for diversity & inclusion in engineering. She enjoys podcasts and creating with Lego.

Matthew Chin

Rebecca Fiamboli

Professional Program Coordinator

(Summer Intern 2021)

Currently in her undergraduate program studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Guelph. Rebecca is passionate about the enviroment and sustainability solutions.

Alexandra Landy

Nathan Tang

Professional Program Coordinator

(Summer Intern 2021)

Pursuing a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at the UW, Nathan enjoys learning about how engineering can be used to change the world. He enjoys illustration and web development.

EoT Board of Directors


Erica Lee Garcia


Founder, Engineers of Tomorrow


Jamie Beyore

Board Member

Director, Global Branded Wholesale & JV at Shell


Ramon Yarde

Board Member

VP Project Management Office, Equifax Canada Co.


Peter Luo

EIR Advisory Board 

Transit Technology Specialist at IBI Group

Engineers of Tomorrow Alumni

We like to recognize like-minded individuals, students and volunteers who have supported us over the years.

Who we’ve worked with

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The connection between education and community is now more important than ever!

Whether kids are back in the classroom or learning from home, they can continue to connect to the positive social impact engineering has for our society. And educators need our support to do that! 

Our STEM outreach programs are available ONLINE. And our passionate volunteers are super agile! They’re going above and beyond to find solutions that work!


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