Our favorite superheros

Marvel employees created National Superhero Day on April 28, 1995 to celebrate everyone’s favorite superhero.

The idea behind superhero day is to honor those who serve and protect while fighting evil.

No matter who your favorite hero is, honoring the real or fictional people that inspire us is a worthwhile cause today.

A while back, we shared our favorite engineering role models – these everyday superheros that are changing the narrative about STEM.

Superheros don’t have to appear on the “big screen”.

Especially, in these times, there are everyday superheros working hard to protect us!

Those people that are going out of their way, and putting themselves at risk to make sure we can get basic needs like food & water.

There are those who are stepping up to provide healthcare supplies to the front line workers that need them.

And still others who have had to learn new ways to be able to continue to do their jobs and make a difference (we’re looking at you teachers!)

And so many others that are tirelessly working to keep us all safe.

Thank you to all of these Superheros!

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