Our favorite engineering role models

We are super excited for the launch of the See it Be it STEM it 2020 calendar.

The calendar features young female STEM role models.

Each month tells the story of a different woman.

We love this resource because it’s such a great way to get these role models in front of young girls that can relate and feel included!

It’s a way to make STEM professions feel welcoming to a diverse group.

So, in honour of the calendar launch, we are sharing some of our favorite engineering role models…

  1. Her Excellence, the Right Honorable Julie Payette – before becoming Canada’s Governor General, Julie was an astronaut, engineer, scientific broadcaster and corporate director.
  2. Rosie Revere, Engineer – we know…not a living person. But, seeing a book featuring a character like Rosie might be just the inspiration that a little girl needs!
  3. Shuri – When Letitia Wright played Shuri in Black Panther, she brought something to our screens that we hadn’t seen before — a hip engineering mastermind who just so happens to be a princess of an indomitable kingdom!

Who are some of your favorite engineering role models?

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