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Our goal is to amplify better stories about engineering. Our FREE monthly Lunch and Learns are a way to do that! Each month we are joined by a guest engineer to hear their story and chat about their experiences. Join us!

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#INWED2021 Spotlight: Cassondra Fonseca

#INWED2021 Spotlight: Cassondra Fonseca

Meet Cassondra! Fearless leader of Camp Engies This week, leading up to International Women in Engineering day (June 23rd), we're shining the spotlight on Cassondra. Cassondra has inspired hundreds of girls by (1) being an all around awesome human! And (2) by showing...

Gearing Up For International Women In Engineering Day

Gearing Up For International Women In Engineering Day

June 23rd is International Women in Engineering Day. The theme this year is "Engineering Heroes"! We’ll be celebrating the amazing work that women in our engineering community are doing, and not just to respond to the pandemic but also to support lives and livelihoods...

Why you should volunteer as an Engineer-in-Residence

Why you should volunteer as an Engineer-in-Residence

Before we answer that...first some credit for the above photo! It's a Nathan Tang/Rebecca Fiamboli original! Rebecca & Nathan are the Program Coordinators this summer. They're both creative (obviously) engineering students. What does that photo have to do with the...

You’re invited!

You’re invited!

As we wrap up another very successful EIR program year we want to do something special. We all know it been....well, a hard year. Dealing with a global pandemic is one thing. Stepping up to volunteer while dealing with a global pandemic deserves alllll the applause!...

The future’s looking bright!

The future’s looking bright!

Something pretty special happened the other day. Hundreds of grade 6-8 students from ACROSS CANADA joined us for a virtual Showcase to present their future lunar cities to a panel of engineers. Image above: gallery of lunar city models designed and built by grade 6-8...

Thank you teachers!

Thank you teachers!

Who remembers that one teacher.... That one teacher that made a difference. That person who brightened their day. Someone who opened their eyes to what's possible. Maybe someone that even set them on the path that they're on today. This week is teacher appreciation...

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