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Posted August 6, 2021

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

Real stories from the classroom: EIR impact in action!

School starts soon!

Who else has already started to notice the “back to school” marketing?

Heading back to school can stir up some excited/nervous feelings for kids (and teachers and parents….amiright?!?).

At Engineers of Tomorrow, and for all of our 300+ volunteers across Canada, it means we’re ramping up for the kick off of the 2021-2022 Engineer-in-Residence program!

The opportunity is there to create 75,000+ positive engineering experiences for K-12 students this year.

To message engineering in a way that thousands of kids have never experienced before.

To connect student learning to real people with real world examples of how they are using math and science to solve complex problems and help people live happier and healthier lives.

What does that look like?

Over the next few weeks – as we approach to kick off of the school year – we’ll be giving you a window into the classroom. Sharing impact stories and EIR experiences.

Our hope is that these stories inspire YOU in some way. Help you feel connected to the engineering community and the value of sharing your own engineering experiences.


Read on for EIR impact in action

Our first story comes from the daughter of one of our long time EIR volunteers, Don Ball.

Image above: Engineer-in-Residence program volunteer, Don Ball. Don visits his EIR classes over 100 times each year to help the classroom teacher bring the STEM curriculum to life.

 Sheila Ball reflects on her own experiences as a child. Her dad, Don Ball, has been committed to sharing his engineering passion for years. Sheila writes:

“Very proud of my Dad, Don Ball, who has spent countless hours volunteering with primary schools as an EIR to teach students about science and engineering. He’s even shifted to remote volunteering over the past year, offering sessions on programming and other topics to kids.

He also volunteered in my grade 4 class – it made such an impact that when we graduated from primary school 2 years later, the yearbook was filled with students’ favourite memories mentioning lessons from my Dad and the guest speakers he brought in. Giving back to the community and engaging young minds to get excited about science and engineering is an amazing gift!”

Sheila now works as a Water Resources Specialist for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Stay tuned for more EIR classroom stories.

If you’d like to support this program, let’s talk! We’re looking for sponsors who see STEM outreach as an opportunity to engage their employees AND invest in the next generation.



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