You just need to take one small step

We’ve got a big goal.

That one day every Canadian – regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, religion, ability or thinking style – understands the power of engineering to unlock and shape positive societal change.

We look forward to a day when everyone understands there’s a place for them in engineering.

In order to get there, we need to start by taking one small step.

We all know….one small step, leads to another, and another….and momentum continues to build.

We are joined by others who have the same vision.

Which leads to more steps towards that goal.

This is why we believe in the power of a grass-roots model.

We enable systemic change by supporting engineering professionals to create impact.

We support them in taking their own “first small step”.

  • Connecting them with an elementary or high school classroom nearby
  • Learning how to tell their engineering story to kids
  • Planning an activity that will create a positive experience for all the kids in the room

And those first steps lead to repeat class visits, becoming a role model for the students, and shaping the next generation!

We are here to help pave the way to make it easier for you to take that first step towards creating impact with STEM outreach.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in finding out more about how you can help!

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