Why science communication is so important, and the special skills you need to do it right!

STEM is a *BUZZ* word these days.


It’s not like universities are seeing a decrease in enrollment for programs like engineering.

And, thanks to YouTubers like Mark Rober and TheBackyardScientist, kids already think science is COOL!

Is there even a problem?

Well, it comes back communication. Science communication.

Back in 2018, we did a little study. We asked about 100 grade 9 students these questions…

What is engineering?

What qualities or characteristics do you think an engineer needs?

What do you think an engineer does?

Their responses did NOT include ANY mention of the importance of engineering for their community, or impact it has on society.

I know you’re curious about what they DID say….the top 3 words we saw were: smart, building, and problem.

We also happen to talk to a lot of engineers.

What’s the #1 thing we hear from them?

I wish someone would have told me about this when I was in school.

Science communication matters.

We teach engineers HOW to talk to kids about engineering.


It’s NOT because we are trying to convert every student into an engineer!

Promoting science and engineering are critical to a vibrant science culture in Canada.

We want kids to appreciate the value that science and engineering have for the world. Period.

And, even though engineers spend a LOT of time studying (like a lot!), they don’t come out of university with the skills they need to help the rest of the world understand the value of engineering.

Here’s where we can help!

We take research and put it into action.

We work with DATA to design science communication training that will give engineers the skills they need.

And, because we like to take ACTION, we put those new communication skills to the test.

Getting engineers up in front of kids to talk about engineering in a way they’ve never done before.

See, told you we like to take action!

If you’d like to find out more about HOW we do it, just ask!

We’re happy to share ❤️

You can also find out more about us, and the work that we do at:






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