What makes us different

We LOVE to collaborate and are so grateful for all of the amazing organizations that are working tirelessly to help ALL kids see the opportunities that STEM careers bring.

We’ve also been having a lot of conversations recently about where we fit in.

What are we doing differently at EoT?

What sets us apart?

So, while we love to talk about how we are working together, it’s important to also recognize what makes us different.

Key messages about the EIR program

  • It’s the only national-level program that promotes engineering (not science or STEM more generally)
  • EIR uses many repeated engagements, allowing the engineers to build a strong personal connection with teachers and students allowing them to be effective role models.
  • EIR is a useful enhancement to the existing outreach that other organizations are already running.
  • Our outreach is inclusive by design, leveraging the best insights available from recent and relevant research to boost diversity and inclusion efforts that are happening across the space already.
  • We are picking up the long-term value-add of fighting stereotypes in K-12 students.  Getting the conversation started early!
  • The program is incredibly successful, well-loved, impactful, and has a long waiting-list to expand the program.  A great opportunity for industry partners, government and academic institutions to collaborate with us on a concept that is proven and aligned!

We are in this for the long run and looking through a systems lens to design something for maximum impact. The grass-roots model that we use teaches today’s engineers to talk and think differently about the engineering profession to the next generation of problem solvers and game changers.

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