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Posted October 23, 2019

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What is engineering?

So I did some shopping on the weekend, and this is the ACTUAL photo of the bag that held my purchases!

I love this for a few reasons…

I think it’s pretty neat that Under Armour is using the word “engineered” so prominently. Really, they are normalizing the word. They could have used “designed”, or some else more common. But they didn’t. They used the word “engineered”.

And I’m thinking that was deliberate.

A quick Google search will bring up a bunch of different definitions for “engineered”, but the one I liked was: “designed and built using scientific principles.” (source)

This is such a great talking point to access a conversation about engineering with kids!

Did you know your UA hoodie was engineered?

Did you know that engineers work in the <insert their favorite sport here!> industry?

How do you think engineering could be used to “make you better” (as the shopping bag promises 😊)

And really, it’s good for everyone to consider!

How has engineering made you better today?



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