What does hockey and STEM have in common?

Happy New Year!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with friends, family and connection.

Here at EoT HQ, we’ve been connecting with our friends, family, and country by cheering on Team Canada at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship!

It’s no secret that we’re big hockey fans! 🏒

In fact, we think there are a lot of parallels between Canada’s favorite sport, and STEM.

There are some obvious STEM-based technological advancements that have impacted the game of hockey….

❋ composite sticks

❋ Jet ice

❋ Helmets to prevent concussions

But, there are some interesting parallels between hockey and STEM that you might not have considered.

✘ Misconceptions

✘ Barriers to entry

✘ Stereotypes and prevailing cultures

And yet, hockey has become part of our identity as Canadians. What if as Canadian citizens we were all as proud of our engineers as we were of our hockey players?

What other parallels do you see between hockey and STEM?

Go Canada Go! 🇨🇦 🍁 🏒


2 thoughts on “What does hockey and STEM have in common?”

  1. Parallels:
    Ironically, most people would assume your reference to IIHF World Junior Hockey refers to the men’s tournament. Meanwhile, in the IIHF Women’s U-18 World’s, Team Canada earned silver yesterday in a hard fought game with the US!
    What if as Canadian citizens we were all as proud of our women’s hockey as we are of our men’s?

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