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Posted October 31, 2019

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What are you being for Halloween?

Halloween is a magical day when kids (young and old!) get to dress up and take on a new identity.

It’s a lot of fun planning, designing, preparing and making costumes (or scrolling through all the fun options on Amazon too!).

Some of my favorite costumes from my childhood Halloween experience included…

  • A die (think single! dice)
  • A Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle
  • And the classic pumpkin – aka….ran out of time and threw on an orange garbage bag stuffed with crumpled up newspaper…lol!

It was an opportunity to truly turn my ideas into reality (hello – early warning sign of an engineer!).

These days I tend to see more pop-culture costumes. Of course the traditional ones are still prevalent too:

  • Fire fighter
  • Princess
  • Policeman
  • Doctor

It’s just got me thinking….won’t it be cool when, one day, kids dress up as an engineer?

Let’s hear your best ideas for engineer costumes! And please don’t say “hard hat” or “lab coat” – you can do better than that 😉


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