We need your help

On behalf of the 200 volunteer engineers supporting 5000 students in 200 classrooms across Ontario – we’re asking for some financial support.

Our Engineer-in-Residence program is one of the MOST cost effective solutions to bridging the gap between the education curriculum and the real-world for elementary and high school students.

It’s an innovative way to affect the education system and the student’s experience when it comes to STEM learning.


It’s made up of volunteers.

We’re probably biased….but we think we’ve got some of the BEST volunteers going!

Engineers that are giving up their valuable time to connect with kids in ways they’ve likely never experienced before.

We’re eternally grateful to have such a valuable resources.

We rely on the generosity of our sponsors for the financial resources to support the volunteers, students and teachers that are learning there’s more to engineering that they realized!

Sponsorship dollars help to…

  • put materials in the classroom so that students get a hands-on STEM experience.
  • train volunteers to deliver world-class outreach!
  • support teachers with access to some of the BEST programs available

Now’s the time to help!

We just kicked off our 2020/2021 program year.

This year, amongst a global pandemic, these experiences for students are more important than E.V.E.R.

It’s a way for kids to connect.

It’s a opportunity to talk about the role that engineering plays to solve COVID related challenges.

It’s a resource for teachers that are working hard to teach kids in ways they’ve never had to before.

How can you help?

EASY! We’ve got all the options on the table for you to see.

About us

Engineers of Tomorrow is a nationally incorporated not-for-profit organization. Our vision is that one day every Canadian – regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, religion, ability or thinking style – understands the power of engineering to unlock and shape positive societal change.

What’s next? Let’s connect!

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