Making Virtual Connections: COVID-19 and Beyond

2020 has seen a lot of plans change. 

As we get closer to September, there are still uncertainties surrounding the return of in-class instruction and whether or not volunteers will be able to visit classrooms.

BUT, we are excited for the EIR program to kick off in a few weeks! 

To help support our EIRs and teachers as they navigate this challenging time, we have compiled some tips and tricks for developing and maintaining virtual connections! A lot of people have been working from home for the past few months, so you may already be an expert at working with your team remotely, but how does this translate to the EIR program?

From the importance of communication and creating a sense of belonging to some ways to connect with a class virtually, we will be exploring what the EIR program will look like this year!

(Spoiler Warning: It is up to YOU to decide what you are comfortable with and what works best with your class! While we are excited for engineers to get back in the classroom, we know that schools will have policies in place and EIRs may not feel comfortable visiting classes for a while. That is okay, we can still build connections with students across Ontario and help teachers introduce STEM into their classes!)

EIRs and teachers are invited to join us at 12pm ET on Wednesday, September 2nd for a webinar covering tips on creating and maintaining virtual connections between Engineers and students!

Sign up HERE!

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