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Posted November 15, 2019

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Top 5 engineering tools

Engineers use a lot of tools!

They study for many years learning how to do things like calculate forces, and flows. They have a strong understanding of scientific principles, and are practiced at applying them to solve problems and help people.

It’s a lot of work and takes dedication to learn all of these tools.

But, when it comes to the tools that engineers use to help shape the world around them, there are 5 that top the list and span all disciplines.

  1. Empathy
  2. Engineering design process
  3. Human centered design
  4. Ability to learn from failure
  5. Connection (to big picture impact)

Any of these surprise you?

Not all of these “tools” are things that engineers learn in school either.

But, engineers that master these tools are the ones that are more engaged, hardworking, dedicated and loyal. They are proud of their profession and the accomplishments.

They go beyond the formulas and numbers into WHY the work that they do matters, and the impact that it has.

Feel like you’ve got some work to do in mastering these tools?

We can help!

STEM outreach can help to fill the gap. It’s a great way to teach empathy, celebrate failure, create connections, and design an experience for the tiny humans you are connecting with!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the tools that you have found most useful as an engineer…




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  1. Michael

    One simply cannot engineer without tools. These 25 are some of the most essential pieces of kit any self-respecting engineer needs to have to hand. Wrenches are essential tools for any self-respecting engineer. They are vital for turning nuts and bolts, and are incredibly useful for any task that needs you to ‘get a grip’ on something.


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