Too many STEM toys?

What are the top STEM toys this year?

A quick google search will lead you to hundred of curated lists all claiming to have found the best STEM toys.

But it can all seem a bit overwhelming!

Which is why we found this article on to be rather refreshing…..

Author, Patrick A. Coleman, reminds us that kids don’t need another trendy toy. They just need to play outside!

“The doctors, engineers, and architects of the future don’t need to spend their early years fiddling with gadgets. They just need nature.”

A great reminder that science & engineering are everywhere. We don’t need to buy fancy high tech STEM toys to create curiosity in kids.

That’s not to say there aren’t some great toys out there!

The article goes on to say…

“… toys should be open-ended, relate to the real world, allow for trial & error, be hands-on, child-led, and offer chances for problem-solving, while also being gender neutral, encouraging creativity, building confidence, and promoting social and emotional skills.”

Great recommendations! We couldn’t agree more 👍

What were your favorite toys to spark curiosity as a kid? 🤔

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