The magic of the EIR-Teacher collaboration model

The Engineer-in-Residence (EIR) program is very strategically designed to connected professional engineers with teachers (and their classes).

It’s no accident that the EIR program is set up this way.

There is significant value to the collaboration that can happen between a teacher and an engineer.

It can take some work.

Connecting two professions. Asking engineers and teachers to “swap hats” so-to-speak.

When the volunteer engineer and the teacher collaborate, we see….

  • curriculum being brought to life for students through experiential learning
  • engineers becoming role models for students and ambassadors for their profession
  • teachers connecting kids to real-life learning examples

The hard work that goes into developing a working relationship and collaborating with someone is a small price to pay for the long term results.

Things become easier and impact is amplified!

The EIR program is about investing in that collaboration so that we can create systemic culture change.

The experience and knowledge that each person brings to the relationship is valuable in some way.

Teachers can help engineers translate their “engineer-speak” to kid-friendly language.

Engineers can help teachers apply their classroom lessons to real-world examples.

And together they are inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and game changers!

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