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Posted June 8, 2020

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About us

Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

The business case for STEM outreach – and why you might not be getting the best ROI!

As engineers, we use tools to solve problems.

These could be anything from the scientific knowledge learned in school to a torque wrench, or a flow meter.

Having the RIGHT tool can change the whole experience.

You end up with better results.

STEM outreach is a tool.

These days, companies are using it to solve lots of problems.

employee engagement

community relations

building a talent pipeline.

When we ask about the results….it’s a solid “meh…”

Sure, employees like to get out and talk to kids about what they do. It’s fun. They get away from work for a while. They chat about it with their peers. Maybe you get a nice photo op.

See. Meh.

But we see a missed opportunity! You can get a better ROI.

  • Deep community connections – kids recognizing your employees out in the community.
  • Next level employee engagement – employees talking proudly to their friends and family about the work that they do, and WHY it matters!
  • Boosting innovation – connecting with kids always gets you thinking outside the box!

Take a look at the results you’re getting. What’s your STEM outreach ROI?

Maybe it’s time to sharpen your STEM outreach tool!

Contact us! We can help.

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