The beauty of engineering

Engineering is so much more that crunching numbers!

There is beauty in engineering.

Maybe it’s the ❄️ holiday season ❄️ that’s got us in a jolly mood, but what better time to reflect on the beauty of engineering!

Here’s our top 5 reasons why engineering is a beautiful thing…

  1. We connect people – engineers play an important role in today’s communication technology and transit systems…the whole world is now available to us. You can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  2. We save lives – When we talk to kids about how engineers have a role to play in safety, we like to ask the question: Who do you think saved more lives….doctors, or engineers? It always sparks an interesting discussion about the role that engineers play to keep people safe. It’s evident in the cars we drive and the bridges we build. Public safety is always a top priority for engineers!
  3. We make knowledge readily available – These days information is available at the tips of our fingers! A fun fact I heard recently is that we have access to 99.99% of the same information as Elon Musk. And, you can find out what’s going on across the globe with the click of a button – Google will even translate it for you!
  4. We keep people healthy – Medicine is highly dependent on tools developed by engineers. I spent over a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry with some passionate engineers. Their job was to make sure that we were producing high quality medicine, to get out to the people that need it most.
  5. We keep everyone warm – Engineers work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that your home has power, water, and other utilities. The fact that you can just flip a switch and have the lights come on is a beautiful thing. You might not have ever stopped to think about it, but it took decades of hard work to bring us to that point. It’s tough to think of a more complex system than the power grid.

Take a minute and reflect on the beauty of the work that you do!

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