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Posted May 6, 2021

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

Thank you teachers!

Who remembers that one teacher….

That one teacher that made a difference.

That person who brightened their day.

Someone who opened their eyes to what’s possible.

Maybe someone that even set them on the path that they’re on today.

This week is teacher appreciation week. We are fortunate and grateful to be working side by side with these kinds of educators.

The educators that work with us through our Engineer in Residence program and the Future City Experience are helping to bring the curriculum to life for their students.

They are collaborative and forward-thinking.

They’re the teachers that are opening doors and setting students up for success in their future.


You're part of something big!

Five, ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now these students will be talking about how their teacher had an impact on their life.

We want to thank all the teachers for everything they’re doing despite a global pandemic to help shape the next generation of problem solvers in game changers.

To the engineers out there – we encourage you to reach out to an educator that has influenced your life or your path in some way and let them know what a difference they made.

Teachers! The best way we can say Thank-you is by offering support. If you’re interested in signing up to have an engineer mentor visit your class next year you can register today at EIR.ca.


Volunteer applications are now open!

If you’re an engineer that is looking to connect with others and share you passions, visit EIR.ca to apply.



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