Sustainable and Systemic!

It’s hard work.

Creating sustainable and systemic change.

It doesn’t happen fast.

It’s not flashy.

But it’s worth it!

At Engineers of Tomorrow, we believe in the power of a grass-roots approach.

The power to affect real systemic change. Sustainably.

What does that mean?

Our vision is that one day every Canadian – regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, religion, ability or thinking style – understands the power of engineering to unlock and shape positive societal change.

It’s about awareness. Changing the messages that kids are hearing about engineering.

It’s about authenticity & vulnerability.

Engaging working engineers to share their stories.

Breaking the perpetual cycle of outdated/incomplete messages.

Strategically taking current research and putting it into action.

This takes time.

This takes energy.

It’s a lot of hard work – from everyone.

But, this is how change happens.

The hashtags, activities, events….these are just the “tip of the iceberg”!

What keeps it afloat are the hundreds of volunteers carving out valuable time to create connections with thousands of students and help shape the next generation of problem solvers and game changers!

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