STEM at home

With kids across the country at home right now, there has been a surge of information circulating about STEM resources you can access from home.

We think this is pretty neat for a few reasons.

First, the world is seeing accessibility in a whole new way! We hope there is a lasting impact on how to bring positive STEM experiences to EVERYONE. Virtual visits to museums, parks, and even zoos are now possible.

And secondly, the idea of doing at home STEM activities together with family is cool! It’s such a great way for families to connect, share stories, and explore together. A truly rich experience for everyone involved.

But, let’s be honest…it’s also probably a little (or a lot!) overwhelming!

  • The pressure of keeping our children’s minds engaged.
  • The sheer volume of resources available! What’s good? Which ones are appropriate for MY children?…
  • The idea of doing something we may have never done before…and possibly failing in front of our children.


We’re here to tell you it’s OK. And it’s normal!

These are interesting times in the world, so feeling unsettled, or worried, or overwhelmed is normal.

Go easy on yourself and try to put things in perspective ❤️

We’ve know where you can find LOTS of inspiration for STEM activities to do at home.

But, first we want you to start small!

Try to think of 1 or 2 small ways you could engage your kiddos in some STEM exploration?

  • Invite them to join you in the kitchen…..soooo much math happens in there! Measuring things, doubling recipes, understanding fractions… And by doing it in real life, the learning become relevant – cool right?!?
  • Play a game – use what you have. A deck of cards? Cribbage, War, Solitaire. Some dice? Yatzee! Games are a quick, fun, easy way to learn.
  • Invite them along for chores! How does soap help make dishes clean? How does a laundry machine work? Why is a vacuum better than a broom? Why do the plants need water?

Just start to explore! Have fun! Ask questions, and create curiosity.

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