Want to know how to inspire greatness? Rebecca talks with a mindset and brain empowerment coach (bonus: she also shares her personal career change story)

Podcast lovers…you’re in luck!

This week, EoT’s CEO, Rebecca White, was on TWO podcasts!

She joined Omer Qadri’s – Secrets of Greatness – to chat about some of our favorite subjects: growth mindset & resilience.

What we loved about this conversation: Omer’s audience is kids!

We love that he is starting these conversations early and giving kids real ACTION they can take that will lead to a great life.

The second podcast was a part of Launch Week for our friend, Shannon Pole’s new project: Souls Outside.

Shannon’s bringing people together to talk about ways they’ve pivoted their careers and share their experiences.

What we loved about this conversation: Hearing more about Rebecca’s personal journey.

She goes all the way back to grade 3 and explains why she is a living, breathing, success story for STEM outreach!

Please check them out, and don’t be shy!

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Click here for Omer’s Secrets of Greatness

Click here for Shannon’s Souls Outside

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