My EoT Experience

When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher.

This isn’t very surprising – my dad is a teacher and so was his father before him.

In high school, I found a love for science and engineering and began to pursue it. Working with Engineers of Tomorrow this summer gave me the opportunity to see how these two passions of mine could mix and how engineers can inspire students!

I would have loved to experience the Engineer-in-Residence program as a student, and I definitely think that learning about engineering from a younger age would have made school a lot more exciting! It is incredible to think that in a few short weeks the program will be kicking off and our volunteers will be connecting with their classes. I am so excited for students across Ontario to get the chance to experience engineering in their classes.

My experiences with engineering haven’t always been positive, but having the chance to talk with so many of our incredible volunteers has shown me how many wonderful people are involved with the profession.

Seeing the work that EIRs across Ontario have been doing and being able to be part of it has been incredible and I can’t wait to see where Engineers of Tomorrow goes in the future!

Allie Landy

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