Put the Pencil Down

When we think about the elementary and high school experience, there are likely very few hands-on learning exercises that come to mind.

Writing notes, tests and completing worksheets have proven benefits when it comes to retaining information, however the level of excitement that these activities inspire is very limited.

It’s extremely difficult to be excited about something that is completely imaginary and hypothetical.

Not only do hands on activities inspire an engaging attitude, but it also speeds up the learning process in many situations.

Think about this simple example… have you ever had someone try to explain a new card game to you and eventually say: “Let’s just try it, you’ll pick it up.”?

The outcome of that situation was most likely positive because you were immersed in a real, active situation, instead of a hypothetical explanation.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows the benefits of hands on learning.

More material is retained, an engaging environment is created, critical skills are developed, useful and applicable skills are learned and a better picture of the topic’s real-world applications can be formed.

Hands on learning is something we feel should be prioritized more, in order to create memorable and more effective learning experiences for kids… which is what our Engineer in Residence Program is all about!

If you would like to learn more about the program or get involved in it head over to our EIR Page!

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