Popping the E in STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

We know that Canada has emerged as a world leader in many STEM fields. Businesses are looking for STEM professionals to innovate, modernize and grow their products and services. And STEM outreach has become an important tool to ensure that our workforce can meet the challenges of the future.

There are lots of great resources and STEM initiatives available to the general public.

Parents are signing their kids up for STEM camps and coding clubs.

Student teams are competing in Robotics challenges on a global stage!

And STEM toys have become wildly popular (stay tuned….we’ll be posting EoT recommended STEM toys before Christmas!).

But we need to be careful that we aren’t painting everything with the same brush (so to speak!).

Most of these camps, clubs and toys are heavily tech or science based.

The “E” is getting left behind!

We talk to a lot of young professionals, and even university students who tell us they had no idea that “THIS” is what engineering really is.

They got pushed into engineering most likely because they were good at math and science.

And, that’s ok….but it’s not they full picture.

By popping the “E” in STEM outreach, we can help students understand what it is that they are signing up for. We can help other students see engineering in a new way, and tell even more students that there’s a place for them!

Would love to hear if you have some favorite engineering-specific toys, camps or other resources! ❤️

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