Plans are underway for EIR 2020/2021!

We’re already planning ahead for September 2020!

Every September marks the start of a new Engineer-in-Residence program year.

But that means that we are busy NOW getting ready.

As we ramp to to recruit new schools and engineers for the program, we figured now would be a great time to tell you what it’s all about!


The Engineer-in-Residence program is an innovative, volunteer-based program dedicated to inspiring young people in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The EIR program is offered free of charge to schools across Ontario.

The WHO…

We affectionately refer to the generous program volunteers as EIRs – Engineer’s-In-Residence.

And, although they are trained as engineers, it’s the word “RESIDENCE” that really sets them apart! They are NOT isolated “in-and-out” individuals trying to convert each student into a budding engineer!

They are committed, they are passionate, and they live by the program’s CORE values – making them a permanent “resident” in the classroom.

EIRs are role models, resources, and ambassadors for the engineering profession.


  • Experiential – creating positive STEM experiences for students and applying academic learning to possibilities!
  • Inclusive – There’s a place for you in engineering! We need diverse thinkers to solve complex problems of the 21st century now more than ever.
  • Real – Real engineers, real application of academic learning and real impact!

And now, THE ASK…

Are you an engineer that wants to give back to your community, or reconnect to your profession? Apply to be an EIR!

Do you represent an organization that employs engineers or is involved in the engineering community? Become a sponsor! It’s a great way to support the next generation AND offer volunteering opportunities for your employees.

Are you an educator? Sign up to request an EIR for your classroom!

Are you already a part of the EIR program? Spread the word….tell your engineer and teacher friends!

Still have questions? We are happy to connect. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Program Coordinator, Terese Dimeck: [email protected]

CEO, Rebecca White: [email protected]

Founder, Erica Lee Garcia: [email protected]


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