Pathways to engineering

In Ontario, to be accepted into an engineering degree you have to fulfill a number of requirements. Each post-secondary institution has different requirements but they all include the completion of senior high school sciences and maths, in particular physics, chemistry, and calculus. (Credit: Ontario Network on Women in Engineering)

But there are MANY ways to get there, and things to consider along the journey.

To begin with, we highly recommend that you learn more about the engineering profession and community.

If you are starting down the engineering pathway JUST because you are “good at math and science” – you might be in for some surprises along the way!

Take some time to really understand engineering beyond the math and science.

Connect with some real life engineers (our Engineer in Residence program could be a great place to start!).

Ask them why they chose engineer?

What are they most proud of?

What are some problems they have solved?

What are some of the challenges they have overcome?

What kind of impact are they having with the work that they do?

And then, think about how that aligns with your own goals, vision and values.

It’s ok to start down a path and then take a right turn as you gain insights and clarity about what’s best for you!

What were some of your career choices?

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