Our Top 5 Engineering Outreach Hacks

There’s a lot more that goes into planning an EoT STEM outreach event than just showing up with a box of Popsicle stick and glue!

Here’s the low down on our top 5 hacks to level up your STEM outreach game…

  1. It’s NOT about the activity – The goal of STEM outreach is to create an experience for kids that gets them asking questions and leaves them wanting more. I’d argue that, when done right, you can do that with ANY activity!
  2. Whenever possible, get women or other visible minority professionals to lead events – but don’t point it out. Our friends at See it Be it STEM it get this! The goal is to normalize diversity in STEM.
  3. Be relateable – STEM outreach is a great opportunity to connect, and when you are talking to a group of kids, you need to meet them where they are. Use non-gendered topics like music, movies, current events, UN sustainable Development goals, and the NAE grand challenges….as a way to get the conversation started.
  4. Embrace a growth mindset – share stories of failure and don’t lower the bar. Use language like “keep trying, you’ll get it”, “everyone makes mistakes in the beginning”, “I know this is a challenge, but you can do it!”
  5. Show the value of diversity – include diversity in the photos you use, say “we need everyone’s contributions”, “there’s a place for you”, and use inclusive language.

Bonus – have fun! Facilitating a STEM outreach event is an opportunity for you to connect back to your roots and help you remember what it feels like to be a kid again. ❤️

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