Nothing’s Impossible

Do you believe in impossible?

I hear this word used on a regular basis.

“We’re never going to beat that team – it’s impossible!” – says my 11 year old before a hockey game.

“We’ll never meet that deadline – it’s impossible” – says a colleague on a project team.

“You’ll never be able to do that – it’s impossible” – says a voice in my own head!

But, here’s the thing….

Time and time again, we keep proving ourselves wrong!

That impossibility becomes a reality.

  • The underdogs come out strong and beat the championship team.
  • The team works together and pulls an all-nighter to meet the important deadline.
  • I prove the voice in my head wrong, and do “that” thing!

Some of the current “impossibles” I’ve been hearing are…

  • The #engineering program is too competitive. It’s impossible to get into it now!
  • Math and science are just impossible! #Engineering is just not for me!
  • How am I supposed to know what I want to be when I grow up? That just seems like an impossible question to answer!

Our Engineers of Tomorrow STEM Ambassadors get to be the ones that change that story. They connect kids with positive STEM experiences and help them see what’s possible.


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