Think you’re too busy to volunteer? Here’s how you can!

Thinking you haven’t got time to volunteer?

You’re busy working and taking care of your family and finding time for yourself. Amiright?!?

And yet, there’s a nagging feeling.

A voice in your head.

You WANT to connect to your community. To your profession.

To give back in a way that only you can.

But that takes T. I. M. E!

We feel you.

First thing to tell you is…

What you’re thinking and feeling is NORMAL.

The engineers that volunteer with us all said the same thing!

You’re all busy people with important jobs and problems to solve.

Still, you can’t get rid of that feeling that you want to help out. Give back. Feel a sense of purpose.

I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you think.

The engineers in our EIR program spend as little as an hour a month volunteering.

And, btw….we’ve designed the program so that it’s TOTALLY flexible to work with your schedule!

We will help you with EVERYTHING!

All you need to do right now is decide to make a commitment.

On the count of three.




Ok! Now fill out the application form! It only takes a few minutes. Promise!

See, you DO have time.

Become a volunteer

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