Mastering Communication

Today, more than ever, we are learning about different ways of communicating with people.

Communication is an extremely important skill that has huge professional and personal implications within our lives.

This is something that we use on a daily basis whether we’re good at it or not.

From situations as simple as placing an order at a restaurant, to communicating your ideas and visions to others, it provides us with a flow to life.

Because communication is a skill, there are steps you can take to better yourself in this area! does a really great job of outlining the 6 Pillars of Communication:

  1. Assertiveness

This is much easier for some people to achieve when they’re communicating for lots of different reasons, but it is essential to have an impact with the words you are using.

  1. Authenticity

I’m sure we’ve all had an experience with someone, where a slight difference of opinion causes an immediate change in their point of view. Think about how this made you view them…  remember that you can be polite while still being authentic!

  1. Open Mindedness

Think about identifying possible biases you may have before entering certain conversations, that way you can avoid shutting down ideas that could benefit you and the conversation can be constructive for everyone!

  1. Empathy

Allow yourself to experience the emotions of the people you are talking to… our brains are wired for us to do this! Empathy allows for others to feel like they are being heard and a sense of unification can be identified between everyone.

  1. Clarity

This is usually the most obvious quality to identify in someone who has “poor” communication skills. It can be very frustrating when you are on the receiving end of communication that lacks clarity and the information is misinterpreted. Think about the intent behind what you’re saying and drive your words from there.


Talking at and talking to someone are two very different things. Engage in the conversation by reflecting on the points others have made.

For a more detailed look into these points watch this video!

Communication Skills – The 6 Keys Of Powerful Communication

We have opportunities to improve our communication skills every day (even if it’s not in person)!

Let us know which of these 6 Pillars you want to improve on!

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