Managing Uncertainty

One of the most beneficial qualities of an engineer is the ability to predict the unpredictable.

The design process alone involves a tremendous amount of planning and following of guidelines, specifications and regulations.

At the same time, engineers are expected to be flexible and able to adapt to any curveballs thrown their way.

There are numerous ways that engineers can prepare for these types of situations, but at the end of the day some things just can’t be anticipated.

It’s all about the mindset established to manage uncertainty.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe’s article How Engineers Manage Uncertainty, outlines what this process can look like:

  1. Acknowledge the uncertainty
  2. Have a plan
  3. Break down the process
  4. Teamwork

This method can be applied to nearly every profession…  or just life in general!

The next time you’re faced with a problem or situation that has a bunch of question marks, think about these steps!

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