Make more than a living

Choosing a STEM career is a very personal choice.

But let’s be honest.

We do want to make a good living. Right?

The problem is that if you chose a STEM career ONLY because you want to make a good living, you will end up feeling like something is missing.

As humans, we need to feel a sense of purpose and significance.

And, once we’ve got our bases covered (aka “making a good living”), we are often left searching for that sense of significance and purpose.

We happen to believe that a STEM career is a great way to make “more than a living”.

It’s a way to help people.

It’s a way to make a difference.

It’s a way to shape the future!

Where are you in your career path?

Are you feeling that connecting to something bigger? Have you lost your sense of purpose and meaning? Do you feeling like you’re not really having an impact?

We can help!

Talking to kids is a great way to reconnect….we hear it over and over from the STEM professionals in our programs.

I remember why I wanted to be an engineer!

The energy in the classroom is contagious!

I feel motivated, invigorated and inspired!

Not to mention that it’s a great opportunity to help kids get the message early on that there’s more to a STEM career than just “making a living”!

How do you stay connected to a bigger sense of purpose?

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