Let’s get you connected to the next generation of problem solvers and game changers!

Things are hard at the moment.

We’re navigating our way through something we’ve never had to deal with before.

Times like these can really get you thinking.

Looking for the GOOD stuff.

Maybe you’ve got some capacity?

Looking for ways you can help?

You want something that’s sustainable, innovative, agile, and community focused.

Lemme tell you about the Engineer-in-Residence program!

First, a quick history lesson….

It’s been around since 1998!

It started as a 4 month pilot program in a few Toronto schools.

A program that goes BEYOND the usual drop-in-for-a-day style of engagement. It’s designed to enhance and enrich the school curriculum.

Fast forward a few DECADES.

The program is now in 200 schools across Ontario!

What’s so special about this program anyway?

It’s innovative by DESIGN.

Those smarty pants…back in ’98…made some great design choices!

  • Grassroots – that means we use REAL engineers in classrooms.
  • Customizable – we help engineers bring engineering to LIFE in their own unique way.
  • Long term – we don’t shy away from commitment! Teachers & students get an engineer for the WHOLE YEAR.
  • Systemic – we’re thinkin’ big! The Engineer-in-Residence experience goes beyond the kids. Teachers, school boards, engineers, companies…all benefit.

How can you help?

We’re just a few weeks away from kicking off our 2020-2021 program year!

You’re not going to believe it….but even with a global pandemic….we have OVER 200 classrooms and 200 engineers queued up.

Now, more than ever, students need ways to connect.

And, the Engineer-in-Residence program does that!

We’re looking for SPONSORS.

Folks that GET. WHAT. WE. DO.

EIR program sponsorship is not just about “writing a cheque”, or “checking a box”.

You are part of the experience too!

Find out more about the program and sponsorhip opportunities at:


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