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Posted February 24, 2020

We talk a lot about messaging.

We like use research and data to inform our practices. National Academy of Engineering has data to suggest some better engineering messages like….

Engineers make a world of difference.

Engineers turn ideas into reality.

As engineers we are very practiced at communicating data and facts, and making recommendations based on evidence.

But this communication style does not translate well when we are trying to explain the engineering profession to a group of students!

This post recently inspired us of other ways we can “flip the script” of engineering messages.

How about, instead of “Engineers are good at math and science.”

We try…. “Math and science are tools that engineers use to make the world a better place.”
Instead of “Engineers are super smart.”
We try….”Engineers work hard to understand how to apply science in ways that can help people.”
What are some other ways you can “flip the script” on the messages that kids are getting about engineering?

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