It’s the little things

I was out doing some Christmas shopping and wanted to use my rewards card. The scanner wasn’t working so the cashier said she would have to type the numbers in off the barcode. Right away I offered to read the numbers to her to make it easier for this task to be completed (leave it to an engineer to try and optimize the process eh?? LOL). She looked up at me, surprised, and said “that’s the first time someone has ever offered to do that for me!”.

Other It’s the little things like this that make a big difference.

EoT experiences are designed with the little things in mind.

Our STEM ambassadors have a big impact by going beyond the transactional activity.

They make time to talk to kids in relevant and meaningful ways.

They find some encouraging words for the group who’s popsicle stick bridge didn’t hold up.

They stay late to work with a group that’s so excited they don’t want to go out for recess!

These small gestures are just one of ways that we are creating positive STEM experiences.

What was last “little thing” that you did for some – or maybe someone did for you??

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