It’s #IReadCanadian Day!

We love books as a resource to support STEM exploration.

The learning extends far beyond the pages.

Each page can be interrupted with query.

Why do you think the character did that?

What do you think will happen next?

How do you think the author wanted you to feel about this topic?

Storytelling is a powerful tool that we use to create impact.

So today, in honour of #IRreadCanadian day, we think that you should tell your #STEM story!

Maybe someone will see themselves in you, or relate to your struggles and triumphs.

We also celebrate the Canadian authors that are helping to tell great stories and connect kids to STEM through the relate-able characters that they create and tapping into their imagination and creativity.

Canadian author, Ashley Spires, is helping kids see that they can turn their ideas into reality – in her book “The Most Magnificent Thing”. The main character is a little girl who perseveres through failure as she “tinkers and hammers and measures” to bring her vision to life!

We know many engineers that can relate to that!

What book inspired you as a young engineer??


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