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Posted July 8, 2020

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

Congrats! Your class has been matched with an engineer – what’s next?

It’s almost impossible for us to tell you EXACTLY what to expect with the Engineer-in-Residence program.

BUUUT, we’ll give it a try.

You (well, really your class) is matched with a Professional Engineer, Engineer in Training, or an engineering student.

We, affectionately refer to them as EIRs (Engineers in Residence).

You and your EIR should be COMMUNICATING REGULARLY (email, text, phone….whatever works!).

  • Set expectations (eg. how often they will visit with your class)
  • Talk about HOW they can help (eg. what subject/curriculum areas would you like their help with)
  • Figure out logistics (eg. who will be bringing in activity supplies? How do they sign into the school? etc.)

The EIR visits your class regularly (about once a month).

This program is unlike other STEM outreach experiences. The EIR experience is designed to be LONG-TERM.

As the program name suggests…the engineer becomes a RESIDENT in the classroom. A role model for the students. A resource you can rely on for the WHOLE YEAR.

The experience is CUSTOMIZABLE.

We provide you and the engineer with a framework. We take care of the logistics. But, really this program is designed to be customized to the needs of YOUR class.

Maybe you want them to do something different each visit? Cool!

Maybe you want them to help facilitate a longer project? That works too!

The EIR program connects classroom learning with real world experiences.

As trained engineers, EIRs are a great way to support the STEM curriculum. But, beyond that, they are there to share their personal stories, experiences and insights with you and your students.

Our volunteers are trained to make STEM activities relevant for your students. Connect them to real-world issues. Discuss the social impact of engineering.

We use the latest research to inform our methods. We teach EIRs how to talk to kids about STEM in an INCLUSIVE way

We understand that there are some kids who will naturally gravitate towards engineering.

We also believe in there are other kids out there who would make GREAT engineers. Maybe they just don’t know it yet!

From the clean water we drink to the technology in our hands, engineering underpins every aspect of modern life and has a major role to play in solving the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our vision is that one day every Canadian – regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation, religion, ability or thinking style – understands the power of engineering to unlock and shape positive societal change.

Hope this has been helpful!

You can also watch the Intro to the Engineer-in-Residence program webinar (will be available after the LIVE recording) for more detailed information.

If you attended the session, we’d love to hear from you!

Let us know what you thought. How’d we do?

Send us an email at [email protected]



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