Inspiring your team through outreach

It’s almost November.

Can you believe it?!?

The season is turning cold and grey.

And sometimes that cold grey weather can make it’s way into the workplace.

Teams are struggling.

Motivation and morale is down.

Communication stops.

Managers are thinking about how they can support their teams in new, unique, innovative ways.

Outreach is an amazing team building tool! A great way to brighten you team’s day!

It’s a way for team members to connect around something fun! Something other than that deadline that’s hanging over their head…

Energy is contagious. And getting your team into an energetic classroom to talk about their careers, and lead a fun hands-on activity is guaranteed to inject some life into your team!

It’s a great way to get “unstuck”.

Kids have a way of making you think differently. Asking great questions. And demanding innovation!

And you can’t fake it in front of a class of curious kids! Authenticity combined with EoT’s special outreach methods will result in an unforgettable experience….for the students, and the volunteers!

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