If You Can’t Explain it Simply You don’t Understand it Well Enough.

We all know that ONE person.

You’re afraid to ask them ANYTHING.

You know you’ll be stuck listening to their OVER complicated explanation for – E.V.E.R.!

Here’s the thing.

When we fully understand something…

The explanation is simple!

I know….I’m talking to a bunch of engineers here.

We do complicated STUFF!

I get it.

Sometimes you need to use big words 🤪

The WAY you talk about what you do it JUST as important as WHAT you do.

Target a grade 8 level.


You heard me.

Grade EIGHT.

Not trying to insult your peers here…but c’mon, we know how BUSY everyone is.

No one’s got time to listen to you drone on for 45 minutes about the adjustment you made to the thing-a-ma-gig to increase output by 7.3%.

Communication is important folks!

We know.

It takes practice!

How do you do that?

Ummm – talk to REAL kids!

Kids are ruthless!

They will call you out if you don’t know your stuff….LOL!

Here’s where we can help.

We teach engineers HOW to talk to kids.

How to translate engineer-speak into a story!

How to have an impact with messaging.

After YEARS of doing this, we’ve learned how VALUABLE science communication is.

You can find out more about us, and our science communication training programs at:






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