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Posted July 22, 2020

Storytelling is an art.

And it takes practice!

It’s a VERY effective tool for creating impact and connecting to emotion.

We all know that ONE person. They have a way of telling a story that keeps you hanging on every word! They can command a room!

How do they do it?

Here’s the thing.

Storytelling does NOT come naturally to MOST people.

And – yup, I’m gonna say it – engineers are not known for being the best communicators.

It’s NORMAL that engineers need help when it comes to storytelling.

Today we’re training a new cohort of engineers for the Engineer-in-Residence program. We’re coaching them through the process of learning to tell their own engineering story.

There are a few key design points in our programs that produce some of the BEST engineering storytellers.

1. We know what engineers ARE good at – we start there!


2. We use STRATEGIC prompts and make engineers think about engineering in ways they NEVER HAVE BEFORE.


3. We focus on EMPATHY and CONNECTION with the audience.


You can see how effective these techniques would be in a boardroom, or in front of a client!

What’s your experience been with engineers and communication? Leave us a comment below.

Were you part of the training today? Tell us how we did! We love getting feedback. 

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