How to wear your engineering hat!

Did you miss our live webinar?

We partnered with INVORG to connect with our community members and talk about some tips, tricks, and tools messaging engineering messaging to kids.

How do you feel, act, think…when you are “wearing your engineering hat”.

Using the analogy of “wearing a hat” is a great way to break down barriers, and open a conversation about engineering messaging.

Of course, everyone’s experience will be different, and inform the way they wear their own engineering hat.

Oh, and BTW, we’re not just talking about engineers here.

We’re talking about parents, teachers, role models….anyone that might be conveying these messages to kids!

Key take-aways?

  1. Messaging matters! And there are PROVEN messages that work. Based on research. And data!
  2. Storytelling is a great tool to connect kids to the human side of engineering (which is REALLY what engineering is all about, right??).
  3. The BEST way to create an impact is by matching a fun, hands-on activity WITH a some strategic messaging. An activity on it’s own is just a missed opportunity.
  4. Be aware of the persistent engineering MYTHS. Yes, they still exist. And awareness is the first step in dispelling them!

If you missed the live event, you can still watch the replay! It’s available NOW.

And a big THANKS to our friends at INVORG for helping to connect us to our community and create a wonderful opportunity for us to have a conversation!


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