How STEM outreach can help you identify your biases – and what to do about them.

Bias: A favoring of some ideas or people over others.

People are naturally biased.

There are some things we like, and some we don’t.

It’s normal.

In the engineering profession – where we, ya know…design stuff to keep people alive, safe, healthy and happy – biases can be a problem.

Assumptions are made (both consciously and unconsciously) that affect the decisions you’re making, the thing you’re designing, or the service you’re providing.

You’ve got blind spots.

We’ve all got ’em!

What to do?

Step 1

Find your biases. There are some tests you can take to help with this.

We did it. And here’s the result!

Your responses suggested a moderate automatic association for Male with Science and Female with Liberal Arts.

See! Even we have biases!

Step 2

Figure out what to DO about it.

Once you KNOW what your biases are, you can decide HOW you want to act on it.

Did you find one you want to change?

Sometimes, just becoming aware can catalyze change.

We’ve got another not-so-secret weapon for you…STEM outreach!

We’ve worked with some very smart social scientists who have studied HOW to talk to ALL kids in an inclusive way about science, technology, engineering and math.

There are SPECIFIC things you can do.

And, guess what?

These techniques will affect YOUR behaviour too.


We just so happen to be teaching our newest cohort of Engineer-in-Residence volunteers ALL about the value of diversity in engineering. Giving them ALL the tips & tricks!

DYK we do corporate training too??


To find out more about our corporate training programs (which, of course includes a module on diversity and inclusion!) go to:

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