How PEO’s Engineer in Residence program can help you reconnect to your engineering identity

Have you lost your engineering identity?

Forgotten why you became an engineer?

Was it because you loved math and science.

Were excited about a career solving problems.

Or you recognized the opportunity to use engineering as a way to make the world a better place!

How long ago was that?

5 years? 10 years? 20 years??

When was the last time you thought about your engineering identity? Your duties and responsibilities as a professional engineer? The possibilities!

We’re grateful that over 20 years ago, two people sat together over a cup of coffee and came up with the idea of the Engineer-in-Residence program!

Not only is it a way to help the next generation learn more about engineering.

It’s a way to reconnect with your engineering identity!

I wonder, if George Comrie – then chair of PEO’s Education Committee – and Jeffrey Crelinsten – Principal and Co-founder of the Impact group – imagined that 20 years later, their idea would be going strong.

Almost 200 engineers strong, in fact!

The value it brings, not only to raising awareness about engineering. But also in connecting engineers to their WHY. Their sense of purpose. The reasons they LOVE engineering!

Visit to read more about the Engineer in Residence program and reconnect to your engineering identity.


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