How do you manage Gen Z STEM professionals?

The University of Waterloo recently published the results of a workforce survey and management guide.

The question they were asking was – Are you ready to manage the workforce of the future?

It’s a challenging question!

And one that probably stirs up a lot of emotion…

The study suggests that there is a “values gap” between Gen Z employees, their future employers and the organizations they’ll work for.

Gen Z’ers were born between 1995 – 2015.

They’ve never known a world without cell phones. Smart phones and social media are significant influences that shape their world.

We’ve heard from a lot of companies, spanning many industries, that attracting and retaining talent in their organizations is a challenge.

Understanding this “values gap”, and working to close it, could be a key factor in minimizing this challenge.

So what are they anyway?

The University of Waterloo study found the top 3 values of Gen Z employees were:

  1. Benevolence (helping friends and family)
  2. Self-direction (independent thought and management)
  3. Hedonism (having fun)

The top 3 values of organizations were:

  1. Self-direction (independent thought and management)
  2. Security (being safe and in harmony with others)
  3. Universalism (tolerance for differences in the world)

So what has all this got to with the vision and mission of Engineers of Tomorrow?

Well, in our experience, engaging STEM professionals in local youth outreach (like the Engineer in Residence program) is a great way to connect. And, the EoT outreach framework checks all the boxes when it comes to the values of BOTH the organization AND the Gen Z’ers!

What better way to feel valued than to be a part of inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and game changers!!


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