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Posted February 11, 2021

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Engineers of Tomorrow is a not-for-profit that is shaping the engineering narrative by telling better stories. 

Here’s what we learned from our convo with Vanessa Raponi!

At Engineers of Tomorrow we want to amplify better stories about engineering. 

So, we were super excited to connect with Vanessa Raquel Raponi last month to hear her engineering story. We happen to know Vanessa – she worked at EoT! She spent 2 summers with us as a program coordinator. And….little know fact….she actually trained our CEO, Rebecca on the 101 of the EIR program! Vanessa shared her own personal journey with us, as well as some great insights & take-aways.
One of the things that stood out was the influence of strong female role models. Despite experiencing significant adversity, Vanessa always had her mother and sister reinforcing that women can do anything! And she has gone and done that! She currently works as a Product Development Engineer for Spin Master. She talked to us about how she brings her values into that role through doing things like running a sustainable materials committee, and advocating for toys that are more diverse and gender neutral. Things she is very passionate about!
She also shared about her journey from taking a “social committee to connect with LGBTQ people” during her time as an engineering student at MacMaster University, and turning it into a not-for-profit with a national presence. EngiQueers Canada is now in 32 schools across Canada supporting education and advocacy for LGBTQ in engineering.
Her key take-aways? Never stop pushing through your barriers. Never underestimate your passions, and never stop believing in yourself!
Thank-you Vanessa!
Visit our YouTube channel to watch the full conversation and hear Vanessa’s engineering story. And, join us this month when we talk with Stephanie Thompson, an engineer at GM and recently named one of Canada’s 100 most powerful women. Stephanie is passionate about Women in STEM and has launched STEM by Steph & Women in STEM Experiences (WISE) – a series of Women in STEM workshops. Join us to hear more about Stephanie’s story.

Lunch and Learn with Stephanie Thompson

February 17th, 12pm ET


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