Have you taken the time to rest?

Life is like a marathon. If you try to sprint to the finish, you will burn out before reaching the goal. However, if you pace yourself and know your limits you will reach the finish line.

As teachers and engineers, work can often take up a vast majority of your time and energy. This paired alongside hobbies, housework, families, and friends can seem overwhelming.

A few months ago our lives came to a sudden and drastic halt. For many of us going to work, hanging out with friends, participating in sports and hobbies, even seeing family suddenly stopped.

It was like someone had pulled the emergency brake on our lives.

Did you feel an urge to fill this new empty space in your life? Did you want to keep that feeling of busyness that is almost normal?

Whether you realized this or not, we need time to rest. To take a break from the busyness and let our bodies and mind rest.

Have you taken the time to rest?

If not, take this opportunity where life seems to be on hold for the world and rest. Discover how you best reenergize and do it.

And finally. Once life starts getting back to normal. Run your race at a jog, not a sprint. Pace yourself so that you can reach the goal without burning out before.

Let us know how you have found your rest during this time by leaving a comment down below. Everyone is different and we would love to hear what has worked best for you.

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